Fintexer is creating a new professional employment classification for the rapidly growing Fintech and Payments industry. 

Until now, generalist job boards have struggled to keep up with the Fintech sector’s stellar growth. These job boards have not created new categories and classifications that cater for the Fintech and Payments industry.

As a result, Fintech professionals were missing out on amazing opportunities with fast growing Fintechs, as these roles were often lost amongst the noise of job platforms that cater to everyone. Equally, Fintech employers were losing out on valuable talent by not getting their newly created roles in front of the right audience. 

Enter Fintexer.

Created by Craig Danvers, an ex-Fintech recruiter with over a decade of experience in the space, the Fintexer platform seeks to bring Fintech professionals and Fintech employers together all in one dedicated space.

Devoted to Fintech in all its forms - from established global financial institutions, who provide the solid foundation of the world’s payment systems, to a newly founded start-up, with ambitions to change the world; Fintexer identified the need to create an uncluttered and curated space and simplify the candidate attraction process. Now, skilled professionals can connect with industry employers, searching for a specific, niche skill set.  

Make the most of this exclusive, Fintech-only job board - as an employer or a professional.

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