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Fintech Job Seeking in 2022: What to Consider

Now that we know 2022 is going to be the year of the candidate, it’s worth considering how jobseekers within the flourishing Fintech job market can benefit from it.

Worker burnout, personal lives affected by lockdowns, and the expectation to put in longer hours while working remotely resulted in “The Great Resignation” of 2021. Ergo, 2022 is expected to be a year when jobseekers are back in the market with clear expectations from potential employers, at a level playing field.

Seeing as Fintech will be an industry that will struggle to find sufficient candidates for crucial roles, here are some aspects Fintech professionals can keep in mind while negotiating, to get the best possible deal. 

  • Be picky: Fintech professionals could benefit by taking the time to apply with intent, by selecting positions they’re actually interested in and communicating the ‘why’ in cover letter.
  • Job Title: According to Forbes, "perception is reality" when it comes to job titles. No matter what employers may say about titles being insignificant, a title makes a difference to an online job board profile or a resume. Fintech professionals can ask for the titles they think they deserve, and that accurately describes their role.
  • Aim big: Fintech professionals should consider asking for more than pay and benefits, like stock options, healthcare benefits, signing bonuses, and student loan payment.  
  • Surge in part-time job roles: Unemployment rates have fallen towards the end of 2021 and there is a spike in job vacancies. Like other industries, Fintech will also have to provide part-time work to fill the numerous roles that will fall vacant. Fintech professionals can negotiate for higher hourly rates and possibly get close to the same pay for full-time work from these part-time roles.
  • Return of the Gig Economy: No-strings attached gigs will become the norm not just in blue collar work but also within professional roles, Fintech being no exception, stemming from the market conditions. Higher pay rates, immense flexibility and clear-cut deliverables at the job is just what candidates will want and can negotiate for with relative ease.

Fintexer wishes you the very best with your job search in 2022!