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Fintech Jobs in 2022: A Candidate’s Market

As 2021 ends and 2022 looms, a lot is being said about the unpredictability of the times, be it the context of travel, health, lifestyle or the Fintech job market - especially in the light of the pandemic that seems here to stay.

All the same, a few predictions can be made with some degree of accuracy. For jobs in Fintech & Payments, for instance, there is data-based evidence to show that numerous jobs in professional roles will emerge and jobseekers will be in the driver’s seat. Several factors will contribute to this shift in power from employers to jobseekers – mainly because the number of jobs in Fintech will outnumber the number of eligible candidates by a large margin. This will empower Fintech professionals to negotiate better pay, flexible working options, and location-agnostic roles.

All of these factors make it imperative that both Fintech employers as well as jobseekers narrow down their hunt for the best candidate/best job as much as possible to favourably exploit the Fintech job market. Fintexer provides just the platform to do this, by catering exclusively to Fintech jobs.

Here are the top 5 jobs in Fintech you can look at applying to in the upcoming year:

Senior Sales Manager (Corporate Liquidity) – Singapore

Inside Sales Manager – Adelaide

Data Analyst, Marketing – Sydney

Delivery Manager – Melbourne

Product Manager - Payments – Melbourne

Fintexer wishes you all a happy holiday season and wonderful new year!