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Moving to Singapore for work? Here are 10 interesting roles

Relocating often comes with challenges alongside the excitement of discovering new opportunities and experiences. Finding a job is arguably one of the most critical and urgent tasks that appear on one’s to-do list while relocating. Even where there is clarity on the kind of jobs being sought, they can still be hard to find owing to job-seeking resources being limited in their scope and reach.

Singapore, a sunny, tropical island in Southeast Asia is a popular destination for career-orientated professionals across the world. A thriving economy, stable government, central global location and ease of access to the rest of the world makes it a much sought-after country to live and work in. Singapore typically offers job opportunities within nearly all industries and job functions, and Fintech is no exception.  

Moving to Singapore and seeking a new career opportunity? You’ve come to the right place. At Fintexer, we strive to provide an exclusive and specific job board that caters to job-seeking Fintech professionals across the world. And here are some exciting new Fintech roles currently available in Singapore: 

  1.  Head of Investor Partnerships
  2. Principal Technical Consultant
  3. Partnerships Manager
  4. Sourcing Manager
  5. Data Analyst
  6. APAC Sales Strategy and Operations
  7. Sales Director, Spend Clarity
  8. Senior Sales Operations Analyst
  9. Compliance Advisory
  10.  Market Development, South East Asia

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