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​​What skills do you need to work for a crypto company?

Cryptocurrency has emerged as arguably the most revolutionary use of technology in the past decade or so. With the emergence of this digital currency and its increasing mainstream relevance, employers are looking for candidates with the requisite skills to work for them.

As is the case for nearly all professional jobs, certain specific experiences and qualifications are conducive to score a job in crypto. A background in software development, a certain degree of experience with digital currencies, and an understanding of blockchain architecture are some of these desirable skills.

Desirable hard skills also include experience with coding, knowledge of specific programming languages such as JavaScript, cryptography and data processing algorithms. Softer skills encompass problem-solving abilities, staying abreast of technology advancements, and a flair for simplifying the complex.

Fintexer Crypto Jobs

Kraken, a company on a mission to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency is looking to hire a Senior Compliance Associate - FIU investigator and a Regional Operations Associate

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